9 Useful Sites for Free Samples and Product Trials

Free samples and product trials are a great way to try out new items without spending any money. With the rise of ecommerce, more and more companies are offering free samples and trials to attract new customers. Here are 9 amazing sites where you can find free samples and trial offers for all kinds of products.

1. PinchMe

PinchMe is one of the most popular free sample sites. They offer free samples from major brands across all product categories like food, beauty, pet care, household items and more.

To get free samples from PinchMe, you first need to create an account and fill out a profile survey. This allows them to match you with relevant free samples. They send out new sample offers every month so you can request samples on a regular basis. The samples are completely free, you just pay a small shipping fee.

Some of the brands that have offered free samples through PinchMe include Purina, Olay, Splenda, Lipton, Mrs. Meyer’s and more. They also frequently offer bonuses like gift cards and sweepstakes entries when you review the free samples.

2. Sampler

Sampler is another great site for getting free samples delivered to your door. They partner with some of the biggest brands to provide samples of new and trending products.

Some of the free samples they've offered in the past include snacks and candy from Mars, cleaning products from Clorox, pet food from Purina, granola from Nature Valley and more.

After trying the samples, you can earn points by reviewing them and redeem your points for gift cards and other rewards. Sampler also offers sweepstakes and contests to win bigger prizes.

3. Influenster

Influenster is a community of reviewers who provide opinions on new products in exchange for free samples. Brands partner with Influenster to get feedback on their products from real consumers.

As an Influenster member, you fill out a profile and reviews to qualify for different sampling opportunities. The free samples you can get include beauty items, food and beverages, household goods, tech products and more.

Some of the most popular free samples from Influenster are from brands like Olay, Maybelline, Garnier, L'Oreal, Nestle, Kraft, and General Mills. After trying the samples, you review them on Influenster and share your thoughts on social media.

4. Freeosk

Freeosk provides free samples of all kinds of products directly from the manufacturers. You can browse free samples by category or use their search bar to find specific items.

Some of the current free samples available include tea, coffee, skin care products, vitamins, snack bars, seasoning samples and more. They also offer bonuses like coupons and sweepstakes entries for requesting free samples.

You can get notifications of new free samples by signing up for their email newsletter. Freeosk also posts free samples daily on their Facebook and Twitter pages.

5. Shopper Army

Shopper Army connects you with major brands to give feedback and reviews in exchange for free product samples. They have over 4 million members providing opinions that help brands develop and market new products.

Some of the most popular free samples available through Shopper Army are for products like makeup, skin care, hair care, razors, deodorant, cereal, coffee and more.

After sampling a product, you answer a short survey about your experience. The feedback you provide helps brands understand what consumers think about new products before they go to market.

6. Freeflys

Freeflys provides an easy way to find free samples and trial offers for new products. Their site lets you search for freebies by category so you can quickly find samples you want.

Current free samples you can request include snack foods, beverages, pet supplies, makeup, skin care, household items and more. For each offer, you enter your mailing info to have the free sample shipped to your home.

Make sure to check Freeflys often as their free sample selection changes frequently. You can also get alerts through their email newsletter and Facebook page about new free samples.

7. Totally Free Stuff

Totally Free Stuff is a directory of free samples, offers and deals available by mail and online. They provide listings for all types of freebies including food, beauty, household products, magazines and more.

Some of the current listings for free samples include protein bars, vitamins, makeup, lotion, shampoo, deodorant, toothpaste and pet food. Each listing has details on how to request the free sample by mail or online.

You can browse by category or use their search bar to quickly find exactly what you’re looking for. Make sure to check their site often as they add new free samples daily.

8. SampleSource

SampleSource is one of the original free sample sites and has been around for over 15 years. They partner with some of the most well-known brands to provide product samples.

You can get free samples of new food, beverages, beauty products, household items and more. Some current offers include protein bars, vitamins, shampoo, deodorant, laundry detergent and cat food.

SampleSource also offers sweepstakes you can enter to win bigger prizes. Sign up for their email newsletter to stay updated on all their latest free samples and deals.

9. FreeSamples.org

FreeSamples.org compiles an extensive directory of free samples, offers, coupons and deals available by mail and online. The site is updated daily with new freebie listings.

You can get free samples of snacks, beauty products, pet supplies, household items and more. They also post lots of free printable coupons you can use at major retailers.

Make sure to check all categories for the latest additions of new free samples. You can also get alerts through their email newsletter and social media channels.


Free samples and trial offers provide an excellent opportunity to test out all kinds of new products without spending any money. Major brands are constantly looking for feedback from consumers, so take advantage of these offers whenever you can.

The sites featured here make it easy to find the latest free samples available across all categories. Check them frequently and sign up for updates so you never miss a hot new sample offer.

With so many amazing free sample sites, you can continually discover new brands and products to enhance your life. Why waste money buying items that may not work for you? Try before you buy to find your next favorite products.

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