Adidas Sale Dates 2024 (UK)

Adidas, the titan of sportswear, echoes innovation in every seam and stitch. It continually sets benchmarks for quality, comfort, and trendy designs in the industry. Whether it's for a casual jog or a competitive sport, Adidas has something fitting for everyone.

See the most recent sales and offers on this page and enjoy shopping Adidas at reduced prices!

Adidas Sale Dates in 2024

1st January 2024New Year's Day SaleThe dawn of the New Year is lit up by Adidas, with a vibrant palette of price reductions across their dynamic product range.
7th April 2024Good Friday SaleThe tranquil long weekend is transformed into a shopping fiesta with Adidas' Good Friday sale, a prime time to gear up for the spring season's athletic endeavours.
10th April 2024Easter Monday SaleProlonging the Easter joy, Adidas offers a sale that breathes new life into sportswear collections.
1st May 2024Early May Bank Holiday SaleEarly summer steals are abundant in Adidas' Early May sale, perfect for those seeking a fresh vibe in their athletic wardrobe.
29th May 2024Spring Bank Holiday Monday SaleThe arrival of summer is celebrated with Adidas' Spring Bank Holiday sale, a chance to revamp sportswear wardrobes with a splash of style.
28th August 2024Summer Bank Holiday Monday SaleAs summer draws to a close, Adidas' Summer Bank Holiday sale offers the last of the summer deals, wrapping up the season with a stylish bang.
July 2024Summer SaleSizzling deals for the warm weather are uncovered in Adidas' Summer sale, perfect for maintaining an active and stylish lifestyle amidst the summer heat.
24th November 2024Black Friday SaleAdidas' Black Friday sale, the most anticipated shopping event of the year, offers an opportunity to secure massive savings on your favourite athletic gear.
27th November 2024Cyber Monday SaleFollowing closely on the heels of Black Friday, the Cyber Monday sale at Adidas provides another chance to snag fantastic deals on a wide range of products, making it a shopping event to remember.
26th December 2024Boxing Day SaleUnwind after the Christmas rush with Adidas' Boxing Day sale, a prime time to discover post-holiday bargains and end the year on a high note.

Adidas Latest Sale Offers for March 2024

CategoryOfferProduct Highlights – What's on Sale?
Men's Clothing🏷️ Up to 50% Off selected Men's Clothing ItemsCatch a great deal on sleek tracksuits, perfect for the active man on the move. Save big on casual and comfy Adidas tees, perfect for off-field style. Don't miss the opportunity to own stylish Adidas windbreakers and hoodies at an incredible half price. Be sport-ready with discounted football jerseys. Stylish swim trunks are now an unbelievable bargain.
Men's Shoes🏷️ Up to 50% Off selected Men's Shoes ItemsIt's a steal on men's football boots, designed for precision and durability. The running shoes everyone covets are now available at a fraction of the price. Stylish Gazelle and Stan Smith sneakers are going fast at these prices. Comfortable slides are now half off, perfect for the summer. High-performance basketball shoes are now within reach.
Men's Accessories🏷️ Up to 50% Off selected Men's Accessories ItemsSecure essentials in stylish Adidas wallets, now at half price. Sleek caps perfect for protection and style are now a great deal. Gym bags for everyday needs are now too good to pass up. Fitness enthusiasts will love the bargain on durable weightlifting gloves. Enjoy the stylish and practical Adidas socks at impressive discounts.
Women's Clothing🏷️ Up to 50% Off selected Women's Clothing ItemsHigh-performance leggings perfect for any workout are now within reach. Stylish Adidas swimwear is now half price, just in time for beach season. Stock up on comfortable tees and tanks for all your workout needs. The sale is on for the Adidas sports bras. And the sporty-chic windbreakers are flying off the shelves with this unbeatable discount.
Women's Shoes🏷️ Up to 50% Off selected Women's Shoes ItemsUltraBoost running shoes provide excellent support, now at an amazing discount. Save big on iconic Superstar sneakers, perfect for every style. Score a deal with sleek NMD shoes. Trendy Adidas slides are a steal at half price. Don't miss the opportunity to own court-ready tennis shoes at a lower price.
Women's Accessories🏷️ Up to 50% Off selected Women's Accessories ItemsSave big on functional gym bags, now at a fantastic price. Enjoy sun protection in style with discounted Adidas caps. Make a statement with trendy Adidas scarves, now half off. Hydrate in style with discounted water bottles. Score a deal with comfortable and stylish Adidas socks.
Kids Clothing🏷️ Up to 50% Off selected Kids Clothing ItemsMake their day with colourful Adidas tees, now at an impressive half price. Keep them cozy with discounted Adidas hoodies. Tracksuits offering comfort and durability are now a steal. Get them summer-ready with Adidas swimwear, now for less. Trendy football kits are now on sale!
Kids Shoes🏷️ Up to 50% Off selected Kids Shoes ItemsAdd a splash of fun with discounted Adidas kids' trainers. Football boots perfect for young champions are now at a fantastic price. Keep them comfortable with discounted kids' slides. Unbelievable deals on Gazelle shoes for kids. Score a deal with kids' tennis shoes, perfect for aspiring athletes.
Kids Accessories🏷️ Up to 50% Off selected Kids Accessories ItemsMake their school days brighter with discounted Adidas backpacks. Functional water bottles, perfect for hydration, are now half price. Enjoy big savings on Adidas beanies, perfect for cooler days. Find a steal with colourful Adidas socks for kids. Score a deal with durable and stylish kids' gloves.

Key Sales Events at Adidas

Peel back the curtain and immerse yourself in the panorama of electrifying sales that Adidas has curated, ensuring a shopping adventure that's not only thrilling but also wallet-friendly!

Seasonal Sales

Adidas dotes on its customers by orchestrating festive seasonal sales throughout the year. These sales are synchronised to seasons and festive periods, opening a window for shoppers to scoop up sportswear and accessories. Expect a bonanza of sales, including:

  • New Year Sale: Adidas launches the year with a volley of discounts and promotions every January, tailoring the perfect atmosphere to attain your fitness goals.
  • Spring and Summer Sales: As the climate turns congenial, Adidas unveils a series of sales tailored to help you gear up for the great outdoors, featuring deals on footwear, breathable attire, and sporty accessories.
  • Back-to-School Sale: Adidas heralds the academic season with sales on voguish yet utilitarian sports attire for students, rendering an excellent opportunity to upgrade your school sports kit.
  • End-of-Year Sale: Adidas bids the year adieu with an abundance of discounts on a diverse range of products, laying the perfect groundwork to revamp your sports collection.

Clearance Sales

Unearth massive reductions on select items during the Clearance sales at Adidas. Such sales offer a perfect opportunity to snag bargains on products from previous seasons, discontinued lines, or limited stock items.

Outlet Store Sales

The outlet stores of Adidas present a goldmine of extraordinary deals. Find a range of Adidas items, from apparel to accessories, priced lower than conventional retail stores. A visit to your nearest Adidas outlet store could surprise you with hidden treasures and significant savings.

Online Sales

Adidas rides the digital wave, frequently hosting online sales, designed to cater to the modern-day customer. Effortlessly browse through the wide array of discounted products on Adidas' online store, reaping the benefits of special promotions and exclusive online-only deals.

Limited-Time Promotions

To inject an element of surprise, Adidas unrolls thrilling limited-time promotions, designed to create a frisson of excitement among customers. Some thrilling offers include:

  • Bundle Deals: Bundle deals present a combination of products at a slashed price. These bundles are meticulously chosen to harmonise and offer excellent value.
  • Exclusive Discounts for Loyalty Members: Loyalty membership with Adidas opens a door to an array of member-only promotions and discounts. Unlock a universe of savings and relish fantastic deals customised to your liking.

Black Friday and Cyber Monday Sales

Adidas participates with gusto in the annual Black Friday and Cyber Monday shopping bonanza, boasting deep discounts, fleeting sales, and limited-time offers.

Student Discounts

Understanding the significance of fostering student wellness, Adidas extends exclusive discounts to students, available through a dedicated online portal.

Collaborative Sales

Adidas often collaborates with high-profile designers, athletes, and celebrities to churn out exclusive collections and limited-edition merchandise. Stay tuned to such partnerships for unique designs and special sales, affording you a chance to possess a coveted piece of Adidas merchandise.

Reasons to Shop at Adidas

Bearing the signature three-stripes logo and boasting a heritage that stretches across generations, Adidas has successfully staked its claim in the sportswear landscape. Let's explore the myriad of reasons why Adidas is the ultimate choice for meeting all sportswear needs.

Lasting Quality: A venture into the world of Adidas is an investment in quality. Known for its staunch commitment to excellence, Adidas excels in crafting sportswear that resists the erosion of time. Be it the sheer durability of the materials or the precise workmanship, Adidas leaves no stone unturned in ensuring that each product stands true to its reputation.

Comfort Unrivalled: When it boils down to sportswear, comfort is king, and Adidas stands unchallenged in this kingdom. Adidas curates a suite of products tailored to nestle cosily around the contours of comfort, be it for hitting the gym, embarking on a run or simply sinking into relaxation. Adidas footwear, apparel and accessories are designed to provide a secure fit and stellar support, enabling peak performance.

Style Meets Function: Adidas beautifully marries the spheres of fashion and function. Its designs, while honing in on peak performance, also mirror the latest currents in the ocean of sportswear trends. With a spectrum of hues, designs, and styles at disposal, Adidas ensures that individual style and peak performance stride hand in hand.

Innovation in its DNA: Adidas thrives at the leading edge of sportswear innovation. With a record of persistently challenging the status quo, Adidas introduces trailblazing technologies and materials to boost performance. Their advanced creations, ranging from the Boost cushioning system for unmatched energy return to the seamless, sock-like fit offered by Primeknit fabric, underline Adidas' relentless quest for equipping athletes with optimal gear.

A Broad Product Spectrum: Adidas plays host to an expansive catalogue of products spanning diverse sports and activities. Whether it's running shoes, football boots, basketball vests, or yoga leggings that are sought, Adidas houses it all under one roof. Such convenience frees up time and effort, leaving room to focus on what really counts – training and performance.

Green Footprints: Adidas recognises the critical role of sustainability and has taken meaningful strides towards minimising its environmental impact. Through the use of recycled materials in its products, reduction of water usage during production, and supporting socially responsible programs, Adidas walks the path of sustainability. Shopping at Adidas thus becomes a contribution towards a more sustainable and responsible future.

Starry Collaborations: Adidas is famed for its collaborations with high-profile sportspersons and celebrities, resulting in distinctive and limited-edition collections. These unique alliances bring sports and fashion into a dynamic confluence, creating products that steal the limelight globally. Ownership of a piece from these exclusive collaborations is akin to possessing a fragment of sporting history and fashion.

Pocket-friendly Pricing: Adidas, while presenting premium quality and stylish designs, caters to a diverse range of budgets. With products tagged at various price points, Adidas ensures a fitting find without straining the wallet. Whether a professional athlete or a casual sportsperson, Adidas extends choices for everyone.

Customer Satisfaction: Adidas stands tall in its dedication to customer delight. Its competent and affable team is ever ready to lend assistance, both in-store and online. For any queries or concerns about their products, sizing or more, Adidas' customer service is known for prompt and helpful support.

Strong Brand Equity: Adidas, over time, has garnered a reputation for being a reliable and trustworthy brand. A rich heritage in sportswear and countless satisfied customers have rendered Adidas synonymous with quality and performance. By choosing Adidas, the brand's worth and credibility are endorsed, proven over and over again.

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