Harrods Sale Dates 2024 (UK)

Harrods (www.harrods.com) is an iconic luxury department store located in Knightsbridge, London. Opened in 1834, it has a long and illustrious history as one of the world's most famous shops. Known for its opulent food halls, extravagant window displays, and exceptional customer service, Harrods provides an unparalleled shopping experience across its 330 departments.

Harrods' prestigious image and exceptional offerings make its sales events highly popular among bargain hunters and luxury devotees alike. Shoppers flock to grab significant deals across fashion, beauty, homeware and more during these limited-time promotions.

Harrods Sale Dates in 2024

When can we expect the Harrods sales for this year? See the calendar below:

1st JanuaryNew Year's Day SaleHarrods kicks off the new year with an impressive sale across departments, offering savings on luxury goods.
10th AprilEaster Monday SaleContinue the Easter celebrations with markdowns across fashion, beauty, furniture and more.
2nd MayEarly May Bank Holiday SaleThe long weekend is extended with discounts across departments both online and in-store.
27th MaySpring Bank Holiday SaleSavour the start of summer with special deals across departments.
15th JuneSummer Sale PreviewHarrods launches a preview of its highly anticipated biannual summer sale, with impressive savings in every department.
12th JulySummer SaleThe full Harrods summer sale launches, expected to run through mid-July with site-wide deals and discounts.
28th AugustAugust Bank Holiday SaleGrab summer bargains with Harrods' bank holiday weekend sale.
17th DecemberWinter SaleHarrods launches its early winter sale, with further reductions expected on Boxing Day. The sale runs throughout the holiday season into early 2024.
24th NovemberBlack Friday SaleHarrods joins the Black Friday frenzy with site-wide deals and doorbusters.
26th DecemberBoxing Day SaleShop post-Christmas deals on luxury goods across departments, with extra discounts added.

Harrods Latest Sale Offers for March 2024

CategoryOfferProduct Highlights – What's on Sale?
Womenswear🏷️ Up to 30% Off selected WomenswearSnap up the striking BALMAIN Knit Cut-Out Midi Dress now at a delightful 40% off! Originally £1,795, now at £1,078.97.
Beauty🏷️ Up to 30% Off selected BeautyGet sleek with GHD Platinum White Straighteners! An amazing 15% discount from £229 to just £194.74.
Menswear🏷️ Up to 30% Off selected MenswearCosy up in style! JW ANDERSON's Ribbed Half-Zip Sweater is now at an exciting 39% discount – was $690, now $418.
Kidswear🏷️ Up to 30% Off selected KidswearDress your little one in STELLA MCCARTNEY KIDS Petal Embellished Dress. Now 30% off, down from $166.98 to $117.
Home & Furniture🏷️ Up to 30% Off selected Home & FurnitureDream sweet with HARRODS OF LONDON's Sorrento Super King Duvet Cover Set. Previously $591.85, now a pleasant $296 at 50% off.
Jewellery & Watches🏷️ Up to 30% Off selected Jewellery & WatchesDazzle with ISABEL MARANT's Crystal-Embellished Drop Earrings. Now at a fantastic 30% off – was £260, now £182.
Luggage🏷️ Up to 30% Off selected LuggageTravel in style with BRIC'S Amalfi Carry-on Suitcase. Enjoy a 30% price reduction, from £460 down to £322.
Technology🏷️ Up to 30% Off selected TechnologyCharge up with the PAUL SMITH x Native Union Wireless Charger, now 30% off! Was £180, now just £126.
Health & Wellbeing🏷️ Up to 30% Off selected Health & WellbeingTreat yourself to MANUKA HEALTH's MGO 1000+ Manuka Honey. Now 33% off, was £451, now only £300.01.
Hampers & Gift Boxes🏷️ Up to 30% Off selected Hampers & Gift BoxesCelebrate a new arrival with the PUREBABY Nursery Hamper, now 30% off – was £170, now just £119.

The Range of Sales You Can Expect at Harrods

Excited to learn about the different sales offered by Harrods, the well-known British luxury store? Here's a guide to the world of Harrods sales, where you'll find great deals and special offers waiting.

Seasonal Discounts: Harrods is famous for great customer service. Throughout the year, they hold sales where you can buy luxury goods for less. These sales include a wide range of items from different departments. So, you can explore many options and save money too.

End-of-Season Reductions: At the end of each season, Harrods has a sale. They offer big discounts on many products like fashion, accessories, home decor, and more. This means you can buy high-quality items from top brands for less, adding a touch of luxury to your life.

Clearance Deals: Harrods' clearance sales are like a treasure hunt. You can find amazing deals on premium goods. These sales happen when Harrods needs to make space for new things. You can buy great items at much lower prices in these sales. The clearance section includes products from fashion, beauty, homeware, and tech.

Black Friday: Black Friday is a big shopping event worldwide, and Harrods takes part in it too. On this day, they offer fantastic discounts and savings. Shopping on Black Friday at Harrods is a memorable experience. You can find exclusive offers on many products. It's the best time to buy things you want or find great gifts for others.

Cyber Monday: After Black Friday, comes Cyber Monday. Harrods extends the shopping fun with this online event. You can find incredible deals and discounts on a variety of luxury items. It's an exciting way to find amazing bargains without leaving your home.

Designer Discounts: For those who love fashion and luxury brands, Harrods' designer sales are a must. In these sales, you can buy designer items for less. It's a great opportunity to buy pieces from famous fashion houses, from stylish dresses to unique footwear, without breaking the bank.

Limited-Time Offers: Harrods often offers special deals on various products for a limited time. You can save a lot of money if you catch these deals. They are available in all of Harrods' departments, from fashion to home goods. Check Harrods' website regularly or sign up for their newsletter to stay updated.

Rewards Programme Advantages: Harrods has a rewards programme for loyal customers. If you join, you'll get many special benefits and offers. You can access private sales, get previews of sales, free services, and invites to special events. It's a great way to enhance your shopping experience and save more.

Beauty Bargains: Harrods' beauty sales are perfect for beauty enthusiasts. You can buy premium beauty products for less. The sales include brands like Chanel, Dior, Estée Lauder, and Tom Ford. It's a great chance to treat yourself or find a special gift for someone.

Online Exclusive Reductions: Harrods also has online-only sales. You can explore great deals without leaving your home. These sales offer discounts on fashion, accessories, home decor, and fine dining experiences. It's a way to bring the Harrods shopping experience to more people.

Additional In-Store Deals: Apart from the sales mentioned, Harrods also has in-store promotions and sales events. These may focus on specific areas like homeware, toys, or electronics. You can save money on a wide range of products. Look out for in-store announcements or ask a Harrods staff member to keep informed about these sales events.

Discover the Magic of Shopping at Harrods

Nestled in the bustling heart of London, you'll discover an unparalleled shopping destination, none other than Harrods. Known for its lavish exterior, remarkable service, and a vast array of luxurious items, this illustrious department store has indeed become a magnet for discerning shoppers globally.

The question begs, what truly sets Harrods apart? Let's take a journey through the myriad reasons why shopping at Harrods offers an unmatched retail experience:

A Variety That Knows No Bounds: Harrods prides itself on an unmatched variety of goods, spanning from high-end fashion, accessories, exquisite homeware to gourmet food. Within Harrods’ lavish corridors, there is something to satisfy every shopper’s individual style and predilections.

A World Drenched in Luxury: A visit to Harrods transports you into a realm of sheer luxury. The grandeur of the store’s interior, festooned with crystal chandeliers, ornate marble columns, and sumptuous furnishings, encapsulates an atmosphere brimming with sophistication and elegance. The store’s meticulous design enhances the overall indulgent experience.

Unmatched Customer Service: Harrods prioritises exceptional customer service. From the moment you step in, the well-informed and courteous staff are eager to offer their assistance, guiding you to specific items or making suitable recommendations. The staff’s tailored approach ensures a smooth and pleasurable shopping adventure.

One-of-a-Kind Brands and Collections: Harrods stands out for its unique collaborations and partnerships with some of the world’s most esteemed brands. Harrods offers the opportunity to discover unique, limited-edition pieces by housing collections exclusively available in its store. A shopping spree at Harrods is a dream come true for fashion enthusiasts and trendsetters.

Gastronomical Wonders: Harrods promises a delightful feast for food aficionados, housing an exceptional food hall teeming with culinary treasures. Harrods’ array of fresh produce, artisanal cheeses, mouthwatering pastries, and fine wines delivers a gastronomical experience like no other.

Exciting Events and Experiences: Harrods strives to create unforgettable experiences for its customers by hosting diverse events throughout the year. Ranging from fashion shows, trunk shows, book signings, to exclusive product launches, these events provide an intriguing insight into the world of luxury and glamour.

A Tradition Spanning Over Centuries: With a rich history spanning over 170 years, Harrods represents a timeless tradition. Harrods has adapted to the evolving trends of fashion and retail, but it has managed to maintain its quintessential essence. Shopping at Harrods connects you to a tradition celebrated by generations.

Souvenir Shopping: Harrods is an ideal destination to find unique and memorable mementos. From Harrods-branded merchandise to iconic British gifts, there’s something for everyone. Take a piece of Harrods with you and relive the memories of your visit to this legendary store.

A Symphony of the Senses: Shopping at Harrods goes beyond the mere acquisition of exquisite products. It’s a sensory journey that engages your sense of smell, touch, sight, and hearing. From the fragrance of fresh flowers, the tactile pleasure of luxurious fabrics, the visually stunning display of products, to the harmonic notes of live piano music, every aspect of Harrods visit is designed to delight your senses.

Spellbinding Window Displays: Harrods is famed for its captivating and imaginative window displays. These artistic showcases change with the seasons, capturing the essence of each time or celebrating special events. They draw crowds of onlookers who appreciate the creativity and craftsmanship on display.

Personalised Shopping Experience: For those desiring a personalised and tailored shopping experience, Harrods offers a dedicated personal shopping service. Expert stylists curate a selection of items based on your preferences, ensuring your shopping experience is both stress-free and enjoyable.

An Iconic Landmark: Harrods has evolved into a symbolic icon of London, attracting millions of visitors each year. Its presence in films, books, and artworks has cemented its status as a cultural landmark. A trip to Harrods isn’t merely a shopping experience; it’s an opportunity to immerse yourself in the rich tapestry of British heritage and the vibrant spirit of the city.

Why You Shouldn't Skip Harrods Sales

Nothing beats the joy of locating a fantastic deal when shopping. That sense of accomplishment when scoring an exceptional purchase is indeed unparalleled. The prime destination for such a remarkable experience? Look no further than Harrods during their sale season!

Phenomenal Price Cuts: One of the most enticing reasons for shopping at Harrods during sales is the staggering discounts available. Luxury items, ranging from designer clothing to top-tier accessories, can be procured at remarkably slashed prices, often reaching reductions of up to 50% or even more. Thus, indulging in your preferred brands needn't empty your wallet.

Distinctive Merchandise: Harrods is recognised for its carefully chosen assortment of premium, exclusive goods. The sales season offers a golden opportunity to acquire limited edition items or unique pieces, possibly not accessible at other times. It's your chance to possess something genuinely exceptional and convey a bold statement through your procurement.

Extravagant Setting: Shopping at Harrods extends beyond purchasing products; it's a full-fledged experience. The opulent environment, boasting grand architecture and exquisite interiors, evokes a sense of luxury and lavishness. The engaging atmosphere makes your shopping expedition feel like an absolute indulgence.

First-class Customer Service: Harrods' superb customer service is widely praised. During sales, you can anticipate the same degree of meticulous attention and support from the expert staff. Be it assistance in finding the correct size or styling advice, the diligent and skilled team consistently strives to ensure your shopping journey is phenomenally outstanding.

Multitude of Departments: Harrods is a vast department store catering to a myriad of shopping preferences. Whether your interests lie in fashion and beauty or home decor and gourmet food, you'll find an extensive array of departments to delve into. During sales, these departments overflow with discounted items, offering infinite choices.

Trendsetting Discoveries: If you're a fashion aficionado, Harrods during sales is your nirvana. The store is home to a broad selection of famed fashion brands, both from Britain and abroad. Whether you're on the hunt for the newest runway trends or timeless classics, you're likely to stumble upon something that captivates your attention and enhances your fashion quotient.

Food Delights: Harrods isn't merely a paradise for fashion enthusiasts; it also features a gourmet food hall that is a gastronome's delight. During sales, you can embark on a journey through a universe of culinary wonders, from handcrafted chocolates to select cheeses. Indulge in some mouth-watering treats and uncover new flavours to titillate your palate.

An Abundance of Gifts: Harrods serves as an excellent hub for discovering unique and luxurious presents for your loved ones. During sales, you can peruse a large assortment of options, including designer accessories, fragrances, and even personalised items. Discovering the perfect present becomes an enjoyable pursuit, saving money in the process.

Global Shopping Hub: Harrods draws in visitors from all corners of the globe, transforming it into a truly international shopping destination. The sales period welcomes a diverse mix of shoppers, cultivating a dynamic and lively ambiance. It presents a splendid opportunity to interact with individuals from various cultures, sharing your mutual passion for shopping.

Lasting Keepsakes: A visit to Harrods and shopping during the sales can also serve as an excellent means to bring back lasting keepsakes from your London excursion. Be it a designer handbag, a piece of jewellery, or even a stylish home decor item, your Harrods purchase will continually remind you of the wonderful time you spent exploring the store and the city.

Harrods Online Shopping FAQ

1. Can I shop at Harrods online without signing up for an account?
For a safe and personalised shopping journey, Harrods necessitates the creation of an account to facilitate online buying.

2. Can I purchase Harrods gift cards online?
Yes, Harrods provides the facility for customers to purchase gift cards online. These gift cards are available in an array of denominations and serve as an easy means to gift a Harrods shopping experience to your loved ones.

3. Does Harrods offer international shipping for online orders?
Certainly, Harrods extends the facility of international shipping for orders placed online. It caters to a multitude of countries across the globe. Nonetheless, specific delivery choices and limitations may diverge based on the destination.

4. Are there any restrictions on shipping certain items internationally from Harrods?
Yes, restrictions might be imposed on the international shipping of specific items due to a variety of reasons including customs rules, product category, and the country of destination. It's wise to check the shipping details on the Harrods website or contact their customer service for exact information.

5. Does Harrods offer gift wrapping services for online orders?
Yes, Harrods provides gift wrapping services for purchases made online. You usually have the option to select this service during the checkout process, adding a unique touch to your gift.

6. How do I track my orders and returns?
You can typically track your orders and initiate returns by signing into your Harrods online account and proceeding to the order history section. Here, you should find your order tracking details as well as guidelines for initiating returns, if required.

7. Can I place an online order for in-store pickup at Harrods?
Yes, Harrods does provide the facility of in-store pickup for orders placed online. You could possibly select this option during the checkout process and nominate a handy pickup spot within the Harrods store.

8. Can I cancel or modify my online order after it has been placed with Harrods?
Policies related to cancellation and modifications might fluctuate at Harrods. Therefore, it's advisable to check their specific terms and conditions or connect with their customer service at the earliest if alterations or cancellation of an online order is necessary.

9. How do I contact Harrods customer service?
There are various ways to connect with Harrods' customer support, including phone calls, emails, or live chats. You can locate these contact particulars on Harrods' webpage through this link.

10. Does Harrods provide a loyalty scheme or reward structure for their online clientele?
Yes, Harrods has a loyalty scheme named ‘Harrods Rewards.' The scheme bestows numerous perks and rewards to its members, inclusive of online shoppers. Membership allows you to accrue points on your online purchases, avail of exclusive offers, and partake in additional benefits.

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