Myprotein Sale Dates 2024 (UK)

Myprotein and top-quality fitness products – a combination that's hard to beat. Many place it at the top of their list when seeking the finest supplements and sleek exercise attire.

For those keen to snag a deal, check the section below for the existing and soon-to-drop promotions.

Myprotein Sale Dates in 2024

1st January 2024New Year's Day SaleBegin the year with a fresh fitness approach; Myprotein offers spectacular discounts to fuel those resolutions.
7th April 2024Good Friday SaleAs the long weekend kicks off, find unrivalled deals on nutrition and supplements to uplift one's wellness journey.
10th April 2024Easter Monday SaleAfter indulging in Easter treats, customers can explore the vast selection of Myprotein's quality products for their post-holiday regime.
1st May 2024Early May Bank Holiday SaleWith summer around the corner, it's the perfect time to stock up on Myprotein essentials for that impending beach-ready physique.
29th May 2024Spring Bank Holiday Monday SaleAs blossoms paint the town, Myprotein unveils remarkable savings to complement one's springtime workouts.
July 2024Summer SaleAmidst the heat and sunshine, take advantage of reduced prices on all fitness favourites to keep energy levels soaring.
28th August 2024Summer Bank Holiday Monday SaleAs summer winds down, it's an opportune moment to rejuvenate with unbeatable offers on premium nutrition.
24th November 2024Black Friday SaleIn the biggest shopping frenzy of the year, Myprotein doesn't disappoint, serving up exceptional bargains across their range.
27th November 2024Cyber Monday SaleTech-savvy shoppers can rejoice as Myprotein hosts digital discounts that are too good to miss.
26th December 2024Boxing Day SalePost-festivity, it's the ideal time to recalibrate fitness goals; discover outstanding deals on Myprotein's top-tier products.

Key Sales Events at Myprotein

Let's take a leisurely stroll through the treasure trove of sales and discounts they've got waiting just for you.

Flash Sales: Every so often, when you least expect it, Myprotein sprinkles a little magic onto their website. Their flash sales are those sprinkles — fleeting, fabulous, and filled with surprise markdowns on everything from the creamiest protein shakes to those oh-so-crunchy energy bars.

Clearance Sales: Imagine discovering an old bookshop lane, where every corner holds a classic waiting to be found. Myprotein's clearance section is much the same. As they gracefully bid goodbye to some old faves, they invite you to find something wonderful for a fraction of the price.

Bundle Discounts: Think of that feeling when you find the perfect outfit, complete with accessories, without even trying. Myprotein’s bundle offers are like that – effortlessly paired items, from protein powders to gym essentials, wrapped up in one neat, discounted package.

Subscription Promos: Consistency is key, especially when it comes to fitness. Myprotein’s subscription offers are like having a personal assistant reminding you to restock your fitness essentials. And the cherry on top? Sweet, sweet discounts with every delivery.

Seasonal Sales: Each season paints its own mood, and Myprotein captures this essence beautifully. Whether it's the sparkle of winter festivities, the bloom of spring, or the golden haze of summer, their themed sales bring a touch of the season straight to your cart.

Black Friday Sales: The grand soirée of shopping is upon us when Black Friday rolls around. Myprotein, not one to shy away from the limelight, dazzles with deals so tempting that it's impossible not to indulge. Quick tip? Keep those shopping lists ready!

Cyber Monday Sales: Just when you thought the shopping soiree was winding down, Cyber Monday pops by with a wink and a nudge. Myprotein’s digital shelves become a playground of deals, reminding you that there's always room for one more fabulous find.

Loyalty Rewards: Loyalty has its perks. Each purchase at Myprotein is not just a transaction; it's a step towards your next big save. As the points stack up, so do the discounts, ensuring your next shopping spree is just around the corner.

Student Discounts: College days – a blend of late-night cramming and early morning workouts. Myprotein gets it. So, for every student striving for that balance, there's a nifty discount waiting to lighten both the academic and fitness load.

Top Reasons to Shop at Myprotein

Wondering why Myprotein should be your next shopping stop? Here's why.

Variety of Products: You ever have that feeling of being a kid in a sweet shop? That's Myprotein for fitness enthusiasts. Protein powders, gym gear, vitamins, or even a cheeky healthy snack — they’ve got the lot.

Quality Assurance: No one wants dodgy gym supplements. Thankfully, Myprotein's commitment to quality is like a weightlifter's grip — solid. They don't just toss things in a bottle; everything's tested and checked.

Budget-Friendly Options: Think of your bank account like your muscles. You don't want it shrinking! With Myprotein's cost-effective options, both can grow healthily together.

Specialised Sports Nutrition: A runner's needs differ from a swimmer's. Myprotein gets that. They’ve got nifty nutrition products tailored for every athlete's demands, from that energising pre-run gel to a muscle-soothing post-swim shake.

Transparent Labelling: When it comes to what’s going inside your body, there shouldn’t be any guesswork. Myprotein's labels are like an open book. No secrets, just clarity.

Innovative Flavours: Forget about those cringy, taste-like-cardboard protein shakes. Myprotein’s offerings? They're more like a dessert menu! Chocolate, salted caramel, or even blueberry cheesecake — making healthy choices never tasted so good.

Educational Resources: Myprotein isn’t just a shop; it's like a wise gym buddy. The one who shares cool workout plans and dishes out nifty nutrition tips. They want you to succeed, and they’ve got the tools to help.

Community and Support: Starting a fitness journey is a bit like a new dance class — a tad daunting. But at Myprotein, there’s a whole crowd cheering you on, sharing tips, and grooving along with you.

Exclusive Deals and Discounts: Everyone loves a cheeky deal, right? With Myprotein, there’s always something on offer. Keep your eyes peeled!

Personalised Recommendations: Feeling lost? Don't sweat it. Myprotein’s got this fab tool on their site. Pop in your goals, and they'll point you to the goodies that suit you best.

Hassle-Free Returns: Sometimes, things don’t work out, even with the best intentions. That’s why Myprotein lets you send stuff back without a fuss if it’s not up to scratch.

Global Reach: From London to Sydney, wherever you lace up your trainers, Myprotein’s goodies can reach you.

Continuous Innovation: Fitness is always evolving, and guess what? So is Myprotein. They're not just on-trend; they’re setting them.

Gift Options: Got a mate who’s mad about fitness? From gift cards to cool bundles, Myprotein’s got the perfect pressie waiting.

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