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Next shines distinctively on the high street, representing the best in contemporary wear and home elegance. As much as they're loved for their usual lineup, it's their sales events that generate the most excitement!

Explore the current and upcoming sales that Next has in store.

Next UK Sale Dates in 2024

1st January 2024New Year's Day SaleCommence the year with Next's curated fashion, homeware, and more. Fresh starts deserve fresh styles.
7th April 2024Good Friday SaleAs the Easter weekend begins, discover fantastic deals on contemporary home decor and wardrobe essentials.
10th April 2024Easter Monday SaleConclude the Easter festivities by perusing Next's eclectic mix of modern designs and timeless classics.
1st May 2024Early May Bank Holiday SaleCelebrate the onset of summer with curated selections in home and fashion, tailored for those sunnier days ahead.
29th May 2024Spring Bank Holiday Monday SaleAs flowers bloom, so does Next's collection. Embrace the vibrancy of spring with exceptional offers.
July 2024Summer SaleSun, sand, and style converge at Next's summer showcase. Stay ahead with the hottest trends and decor.
28th August 2024Summer Bank Holiday Monday SaleBask in the lingering summer warmth with sizzling deals on every Next favourite, from apparel to furnishings.
24th November 2024Black Friday SaleAs the festive season approaches, enjoy unbeatable discounts on Next's vast range of products, making every choice a smart one.
27th November 2024Cyber Monday SaleDuring this digital shopping fiesta, Next offers a unique blend of style and affordability online.
26th December 2024Boxing Day SaleWind down the festive month with Next's post-holiday specials. From chic fashion to refined homeware, there's something for every wishlist.

Key Sales Events at Next UK

Next is famous for its eclectic mix of enticing sales, catering to diverse tastes and inclinations. Whether you're an expert bargain hunter or just someone wandering into the store, Next's sales beckon with delightful discounts. Now let's explore the different sales experiences that you can find at Next.

Seasonal Sales

When the seasons change, so does the fashion at Next. The seasonal sales offer a chance to spruce up your look with the freshest trends without emptying your pockets. As one season fades and another takes its place, older collections get generous markdowns, letting you keep pace with fashion without the hefty price tag.

Clearance Sales

For those with an eagle eye for extraordinary deals, the clearance section is pure gold. Discounts sometimes exceed even the most optimistic hopes. So, if a particular item eluded you before or you spot something new, act swiftly! These deals are fleeting, and favourites can disappear in the blink of an eye.

Black Friday Sales

Black Friday at Next is nothing short of a shopping carnival. With astonishing price cuts across categories – from clothes to accessories and homeware – it feels like a treasure hunt. Shoppers across the UK (and further afield) eagerly await this annual festival of savings.

Cyber Monday Sales

If bustling stores and queues aren't your thing, Cyber Monday offers a calm alternative. Following Black Friday's madness, this digital shopping bonanza lets you snag deals from your sofa's comfort. Without the hustle and bustle, you can leisurely navigate through myriad discounts on everything from apparel to tech.

Mid-Season Sales

When it's not quite time for the main seasonal events but you're itching for a refresh, the mid-season sales come to the rescue. Occurring a few times annually, they offer a refreshing break from routine shopping. With gentle price tags, you can add that trendy jacket or elegant home decor piece you've been contemplating.

Flash Sales

For the adventurous shopper, flash sales are akin to a roller coaster ride. Appearing suddenly and lasting sometimes only hours, they're an exhilarating game of grab-the-deal. Perfect for those who find joy in spontaneous shopping sprees.

VIP Sales

Loyalty has its rewards. As a dedicated Next shopper, exclusive VIP sales await you. These events, rolled out occasionally, are Next's way of saying thanks. Invitations might land in your email or on your Next account, unlocking discounts not available to everyone. It's the VIP treatment you deserve.

Holiday Sales

As festivities abound, Next brings out special sales to match the mood. Be it Christmas, Easter or any significant event, expect unique offers. From festive attire to decorative items, the holiday sales enhance the celebrations, adding a sprinkle of joy.

Back-to-School Sales

As the lazy days of summer wind down, it's time to gear up for school. And with Next's back-to-school sales, you can do so without straining the purse. Be it uniforms, backpacks, or shoes, you can tick off that school list and save a pretty penny in the process.

Beauty and Fragrance Sales

Beyond fashion and home goods, Next offers an enchanting world of beauty. With the beauty and fragrance sales, you can delve into a broad spectrum of products. From cosmetics to fragrances, enhancing your beauty routine becomes a delightful affair, all thanks to tempting discounts.

Reasons to Shop at Next UK

A haven for fashion lovers, home decorators, and everyone in between, Next has consistently proven that shopping isn’t just about buying – it's an experience. But why do so many swear by Next? Let's break it down.

Diverse Styles for All: In Next, there’s a style narrative for everyone. Whether you’re hunting for the perfect Friday night outfit or just a comfy set for movie nights, the range at Next speaks volumes.

Affordable Quality: It's rare to find a place where quality meets affordability. But that's the promise of Next. Pieces that last, without the hefty price tags.

Fashion’s Fast Lane: Don’t just chase trends; wear them. Next ensures their collections are always a reflection of what's current.

A Shoe-lover's Dream: Loafers, heels, trainers; name it, and they have it. Every outfit finds its perfect pair here.

Homeware That Speaks Volumes: Fashion isn’t restricted to our wardrobes. Next believes in dressing homes with as much flair.

Gift? Sorted!: Gifting can be a puzzle, but with Next's array of products, it’s more like a delightful treasure hunt.

Unmissable Sales: It's one thing to have a sale, and it’s another to make it an event. With Next, it's always the latter.

Feel the Love with Every Shop: Loyalty isn’t just appreciated; it's rewarded. The more you shop, the brighter your Next experience shines.

For Every Phase of Life: From baby bump days to early school mornings, Next has every milestone stylishly covered.

Stay Updated, Stay Chic: With Next’s newsletters, you’re never out of the loop. It’s like having a fashion-forward friend filling you in.

Perfect Fit Every Time: No more crossing fingers when you click ‘buy'. Next's size guides make sure of that.

Accessorise, Don’t Compromise: Next’s accessory range is the punctuation every outfit needs. It's all in the details.

Join the Fashion Conversation: With Next on social media, you’re not just following a brand; you’re joining a style community.

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