Selfridges Sale Dates 2024 (UK)

Serving as a cornerstone of British retail for a century, Selfridges has a knack for curating impressive sales events. With a variety of offers spread across the year, luxury shopping becomes a more enticing experience.

Let’s take a sneak peek into the current and upcoming sales at Selfridges. Keep yourself informed, ensuring you never bypass a great deal!

Selfridges Sale Dates in 2024

When can we expect the Selfridges sales this year? See the calendar below:

1st January 2024New Year's Day SaleSelfridges welcomes the New Year with a sale, offering a variety of discounts across their range.
7th April 2024Good Friday SaleEnjoy the long weekend with Good Friday sales. A perfect opportunity to grab some spring essentials.
10th April 2024Easter Monday SaleThe Easter celebrations continue with Easter Monday sale, a great time to refresh your wardrobe.
1st May 2024Early May Bank Holiday SaleThe Early May sale is a chance to find some early summer bargains.
29th May 2024Spring Bank Holiday Monday SaleCelebrate the arrival of summer with the Spring Bank Holiday sale, a fantastic time to update your summer wardrobe.
July 2024Summer SaleThe Selfridges Summer sale is a perfect time to find some hot deals for the warm weather.
28th August 2024Summer Bank Holiday Monday SaleEnd the summer in style with the Summer Bank Holiday sale. Don't miss out on the last of the summer deals.
24th November 2024Black Friday SaleThe biggest shopping event of the year, Selfridges' Black Friday sale starts. Don't miss out on these massive savings.
27th November 2024Cyber Monday SaleFollowing the Black Friday sale, the Cyber Monday sale offers another opportunity to grab some fantastic deals.
26th December 2024Boxing Day SaleWind down after Christmas with Boxing Day sale. A great time to find some post-holiday bargains.

Selfridges Latest Sale Offers for March 2024


Up to 50% Off selected Tops 🔥
Discover stunning tops blending style and comfort at Selfridges. Now at unbeatable prices.

Up to 50% Off selected Dresses 🔥
Elegant to casual, find your perfect dress at a fantastic deal.

Up to 50% Off selected Knitwear 🔥
Stay cosy with stylish knitwear, now at a fraction of the price.

Up to 50% Off selected Trousers 🔥
Upgrade your wardrobe with stylish trousers, now on sale.

Up to 50% Off selected Coats & Jackets 🔥
Stay warm with fashionable coats and jackets from Selfridges. Now at discounted prices.

Up to 50% Off selected Nightwear & Lingerie 🔥
Experience luxury with discounted nightwear and lingerie.

Up to 50% Off selected Skirts 🔥
Add elegance to your outfit with discounted skirts.

Up to 50% Off selected Sportswear 🔥
Stay active with stylish sportswear, now on sale at Selfridges.

Up to 50% Off selected Jeans 🔥
Find your perfect pair of jeans at unbeatable prices.

Up to 50% Off selected Jumpsuits & Playsuits 🔥
Make a fashion statement with discounted jumpsuits and playsuits.

Up to 50% Off selected Swim & Beachwear 🔥
Get beach-ready with discounted swimwear and beachwear from Selfridges.

Up to 50% Off selected Denim 🔥
Upgrade your denim collection with discounted pieces.

Up to 50% Off selected Heels 🔥
Step up your style with elegant heels. Now at unbeatable prices.

Up to 50% Off selected Sandals 🔥
Embrace the summer with stylish sandals, now at a fantastic deal.

Up to 50% Off selected Boots 🔥
Stay chic and comfortable with discounted boots.

Up to 50% Off selected Trainers 🔥
Stay active with fashionable trainers, now on sale at Selfridges.


Up to 50% Off selected Men's Clothing 🔥
Explore a wide range of stylish clothing at Selfridges. Now at unbeatable prices.

Up to 50% Off selected Men's Accessories 🔥
Upgrade your style with our selection of accessories. Don't miss these fantastic deals.

Up to 50% Off selected Men's Shoes 🔥
Step up your footwear game with our collection of shoes. Now available at a fraction of the price.

Up to 50% Off selected Men's Bags 🔥
Carry your essentials in style with our range of bags. Now on sale at Selfridges.


Up to 50% Off selected Make-up 🔥
Enhance your beauty with a stunning range of make-up products at Selfridges. Now at unbeatable prices.

Up to 50% Off selected Skincare 🔥
Nourish your skin with our premium skincare range. Now available at fantastic deals.

Up to 50% Off selected Fragrance 🔥
Discover your new signature scent from our collection of fragrances. Now at discounted prices.

Up to 50% Off selected Health & Wellbeing 🔥
Boost your wellness routine with our health and wellbeing products. Now on sale.

Up to 50% Off selected Haircare 🔥
Give your hair the care it deserves with our haircare range at Selfridges. Now available at unbeatable prices.

Up to 50% Off selected Bodycare 🔥
Pamper your body with our luxurious bodycare products. Now at discounted prices.

Home & Tech:

Up to 50% Off selected Home items 🔥
Transform your living space with discounted home items from Selfridges. Don't miss these unbeatable prices.

Up to 50% Off selected Technology items 🔥
Upgrade your tech game with discounted technology items. Find your perfect gadget at a fantastic deal.

Jewellery & Watches:

Up to 50% Off selected Fashion Jewellery 🔥
Adorn yourself with stunning fashion jewellery pieces, now at unbeatable prices at Selfridges.

Up to 50% Off selected Fine Jewellery 🔥
Experience the luxury of fine jewellery, now at a fantastic deal.

Up to 50% Off selected Fashion Watches 🔥
Stay timely and stylish with discounted fashion watches.

Up to 50% Off selected Fine Watches 🔥
Experience luxury with fine watches from Selfridges, now at discounted prices.

Key Sales Events at Selfridges

The iconic British department store, Selfridges, is famous for hosting fantastic sales that draw shoppers from all walks of life. Their extensive range of products encompasses fashion, beauty, home decor, and gourmet food, guaranteeing something for everyone.

Here’s an elucidation of the usual types of sales that happen at Selfridges:

Seasonal Sales: A highly awaited event at Selfridges is their Seasonal Sales. Shoppers can avail themselves of fabulous deals on attire, accessories, and footwear as the fashion season concludes. Whether it’s the shift from summer to autumn or winter to spring, hefty discounts on items from well-known brands are on offer. It’s an excellent opportunity to refresh one’s fashion collection without putting a strain on the wallet.

Mid-Season Sales: Alongside the substantial seasonal sales, Selfridges also conducts mid-season sales. These sales provide discounts on a selection of items during a fashion season’s midpoint. They are a splendid way to keep up with style without waiting for end-of-season clearance, and to secure excellent deals on current fashion trends and essential pieces.

Black Friday and Cyber Monday Sales: These sales happen towards November’s end and give incredible discounts across a range of departments. Customers can anticipate remarkable price reductions on fashion, beauty, home, and technology products. It’s an ideal time to acquire those much-desired items at matchless prices.

Clearance Sales: Clearance sales are sought after at Selfridges. They usually occur at the close of a season or the commencement of a new one, providing even more significant discounts on items making their exit. It’s a wonderful chance to pick up bargains.

Exclusive Private Sales: Private sales are occasionally held for Selfridges’ loyal customers and members. These invitation-only events offer unique discounts and benefits. They often grant an exclusive shopping experience, enabling the opportunity to access a broader selection of discounted items before the general public. Membership in Selfridges’ loyalty program can raise the likelihood of receiving these sought-after invitations.

Beauty Sales: Renowned for its superior beauty department, Selfridges often conducts beauty sales. These focus on beauty products, presenting discounts on cosmetics, skincare, fragrances, and grooming essentials. Whether seeking a favoured luxury beauty brand or keen to explore something new, beauty sales at Selfridges are an enthusiast’s haven.

Holiday Sales: During festive times like Christmas, New Year, and Easter, Selfridges frequently stages holiday sales. These sales offer a chance to discover unique gifts, festive decorations, and delicious treats at reduced prices. They bring an extra dash of magic to the festivities.

Online Exclusive Sales: Recognising the surge in online shopping, Selfridges holds Online Exclusive Sales, offering discounts on selected items available only through their website. These sales afford convenience and accessibility for customers who prefer shopping from home.

Flash Sales and Promotions: Occasionally, Selfridges astonishes shoppers with Flash Sales and Promotions. These provide limited-time discounts on specific products or categories. To stay informed about these sudden sales, customers are advised to follow Selfridges on social media and subscribe to their newsletters.

Multibuy Offers and Bundle Deals: Besides traditional sales, Selfridges also presents Multibuy Offers and Bundle Deals. These enable shoppers to buy multiple items or combine complementary products at a reduced cost, a smart way to optimize savings while relishing a curated selection of items.

Why Shop at Selfridges?

Experience a world of sheer luxury at Selfridges, a standout retail destination that offers more than just purchases. It’s an adventure of extraordinary experiences, a treasure trove of unique goods! Here are some enticing reasons to consider shopping at this distinguished retail store:

Exceptional Array of Goods: Be it high-end fashion, beauty essentials, home ornaments, or delectable gourmet food, Selfridges promises a broad spectrum of products across diverse categories. The retail outlet features exclusive items and trending commodities, granting you access to in-demand and hard-to-find products. There’s no need to search high and low; find everything you desire under one roof.

Immersive Shopping Experiences: Shopping at Selfridges is an adventure like no other. With innovative displays, art showcases, live performances, and temporary pop-up stores, the boundaries of traditional retail are being pushed continuously. Every trip to Selfridges becomes a mesmerising experience that goes beyond simply acquiring goods.

Unrivalled Customer Service: Equipped with expertise, the attentive staff at Selfridges ensure your shopping experience is seamless. They assist in finding the ideal product, offering fashion suggestions, beauty insights, or gift recommendations. Their dedication to delivering top-notch customer service truly distinguishes Selfridges from its competitors.

Exclusive Partnerships: Known for its unique collaborations with esteemed designers, artists, and brands, Selfridges presents exclusive collections unavailable anywhere else. These special, limited-edition collaborations afford customers the opportunity to acquire truly one-of-a-kind items. For the fashion-forward, a visit to Selfridges becomes a necessity.

Luxurious Shopping Areas: The store’s lavishly arranged shopping zones offer a sophisticated environment for your retail journey. From the plush shoe galleries to the refined beauty halls, each part of Selfridges is thoughtfully curated to immerse customers in a milieu of luxury and fashion.

A Food Lover’s Paradise: Housing an extraordinary selection of gourmet food and beverages, Selfridges is a culinary nirvana. Savour artisanal chocolates, indulgent pastries, beverages, and more. The renowned Food Hall features a plethora of world cuisines, delighting even the pickiest of palates.

Commitment to Sustainability: In this age of environmental awareness, Selfridges fervently strives to reduce its ecological footprint. They actively endorse ethical and environmentally-friendly brands, ensuring customers can choose sustainable options. When you support Selfridges, you’re backing a more sustainable future whilst enjoying a guilt-free shopping spree.

Embracing Diversity and Inclusivity: Selfridges creates a welcoming environment for all shoppers. Celebrating diversity and actively encouraging inclusivity through their initiatives, events, and collaborations, this store ensures everyone feels appreciated and respected.

Socially Responsible: A store with a conscience, Selfridges recognises its duty to give back to society. It supports charitable causes and organisations, ensuring your shopping contributes positively to the community.

Engaging Events and Workshops: Famed for its calendar of captivating events and engaging workshops catering to a wide variety of interests, there’s never a dull moment at Selfridges. From fashion parades and beauty masterclasses to culinary demonstrations and wellness seminars, these events offer chances to learn, network, and dive into various spheres of creativity and knowledge.

Selfridges Sales: Your Ticket to Savings

Visiting Selfridges during sales periods holds the promise of splendid bargains. This remarkable British department store presents wonderful opportunities to pick up top-quality goods at greatly reduced prices.

Those seasoned in the art of bargain hunting, as well as individuals wishing to optimise the value of their pounds, will find shopping at Selfridges during sales to be truly worth their while. Below are some compelling reasons why:

A Bounty of Markdowns: Sales at Selfridges are famed for their striking price reductions. A sweeping array of items, ranging from high-end fashion, luxury accessories, and home decor to beauty products, can be found at significantly reduced prices. Markdowns can often reach 50% or more, enabling customers to enjoy premium goods without excessive expenditure.

A Wealth of Brands: Celebrated for its wide-ranging collection of esteemed brands, Selfridges broadens its offerings even further during sales periods. Customers can discover a myriad of options from established and emerging designers. Whether one has a predilection for timeless luxury labels or a yearning to uncover fresh talent, the sales at Selfridges provide an exceptional chance to survey a diverse assortment of brands and styles.

Avant-garde Styles: For those passionate about keeping a step ahead of fashion trends, sale shopping at Selfridges is a shrewd strategy. The store excels at curating the most recent trends and providing innovative designs. By leveraging sales, customers can remain fashionable without jeopardising their budgets. It’s a rewarding situation for style aficionados.

Distinctive Items at Discounted Prices: Recognised for its exclusive collaborations and limited-edition collections, Selfridges becomes even more enticing during sales. Customers might encounter distinctive items that are generally elusive. These unique offerings become even more appealing when presented at marked down prices, so be sure to look out for these extraordinary treasures that could enhance one’s wardrobe or home decor.

Upscale Shopping Experience: Opting to shop at Selfridges during sales doesn’t imply sacrificing an opulent experience. Unaffected are the store’s sophisticated and stylish interiors, conscientious staff, and excellent service. Customers can continue to relish the same luxury shopping experience while capitalising on the exceptional discounts available.

Personalised Shopping Services: Selfridges provides bespoke shopping services that are especially beneficial during sales. Their proficient stylists can assist in navigating the vast selection, providing tailored advice and support to find ideal items that match one’s tastes and budget. Being at the forefront of the latest trends, they can help optimise the benefits of sales, guaranteeing a gratifying and successful shopping venture.

Rare Gems and Collector’s Items: The appeal of sales at Selfridges extends beyond fashion and lifestyle products. The store also hosts an impressive array of rare finds and collector’s items. From limited-edition trainers to exclusive designer handbags, customers never know what hidden treasures they might unearth during sales. It’s an opportunity to add something truly exceptional to one’s collection.

Beauty Savings: Renowned for its excellent beauty department, Selfridges offers a comprehensive range of cosmetic, skincare, and fragrance brands. During sales, customers can find remarkable deals on their favourite beauty products, or even try out new brands at reduced prices. It’s an excellent opportunity to replenish beauty essentials or experiment with fresh looks without excessive spending.

A Trove of Gifts: Sale shopping at Selfridges is a smart choice for those with forthcoming birthdays, anniversaries, or special events. With such a diverse selection, customers are sure to find the perfect gift for their loved ones, be it a designer accessory, a luxurious fragrance, or a distinctive home decor item. By utilising the discounts, one can find something special without stretching their budget.

A Unique Experience: Shopping at Selfridges is more than a mere transaction; it’s a unique experience. With its vibrant atmosphere, outstanding displays, and engaging events, the store provides a dynamic and enjoyable environment. Even during sales, customers can immerse themselves in the distinct ambience of Selfridges, delighting in the thrill of discovering excellent deals amidst the store’s signature sophistication.

Selfridges Shopping and Services FAQ

  1. How can I shop in my local currency and language on

Splendid news! Shopping on doesn't confine one to a single currency or language. Dropdown menus are present at the pinnacle of the site. One swift click allows the selection of preferred currency and language.

  1. What are the payment methods accepted by Selfridges online and in store?

Indeed, Selfridges caters to a multitude of payment methods. Traditional options such as Visa, Mastercard, and American Express credit cards are accepted. Also, feel free to use debit cards. PayPal or Apple Pay also get the nod. However, do remember, available payment methods might vary slightly depending on one's location.

  1. What are the delivery options and charges for Selfridges online?

Selfridges offers a plethora of delivery options. Urgency driving your shopping spree? Opt for express delivery. Time on hand? Standard delivery serves well. For those residing at distant locations, international delivery is also at one's disposal. Charges, however, hinge on factors such as location and nature of the order. Rest assured, these details will be clearly delineated during checkout.

  1. How can I track my order from Selfridges online?

Eager to track your package? The process is straightforward. The “Order Tracking” section on the Selfridges website awaits your visit. By providing the order number and corresponding email address, one can easily glean information on the status and whereabouts of their order.

  1. How can I return or exchange an item purchased from Selfridges online or in store?

Had a change of heart about your purchase? No need for concern. Selfridges accommodates a return and exchange policy applicable to items procured online and in store. Guidance on the process is provided on their website, or one can simply visit a store. However, it is advisable to review the return policy as it entails crucial details regarding time limits, conditions and potential fees.

  1. What is the Selfridges gift card and how can I buy or redeem it?

The Selfridges gift card functions as a prepaid payment card, ideal for gifting purposes. Procure one via their website or by visiting a Selfridges store. When it comes to redeeming the card, select it as the payment method at checkout, be it online or in store.

  1. How can I join the Selfridges loyalty programme and what are the perks?

Intrigued by the idea of special perks? The Selfridges+ loyalty programme could be your gateway. Sign-up can be accomplished via their website or through the Selfridges mobile app. Membership opens the door to myriad advantages such as exclusive offers, early sale access, and rewards tailored to your shopping habits.

  1. How can I find out about the latest products and trends at Selfridges?

Want to keep abreast with the latest happenings at Selfridges? Their website offers comprehensive insights. In addition, subscribing to their newsletter keeps one in the loop. Following their social media channels can also be fruitful in obtaining updates about recent trends, events, and more.

  1. What are the benefits and features of the Selfridges app, and how can I download it?

Taking Selfridges along wherever one goes is now a reality, thanks to the Selfridges app. The app offers a plethora of benefits like personalised recommendations, bookmarking favourites, early access to sales, and an overall smooth shopping experience. Downloading the app is simple: navigate to the App Store for iOS or Google Play Store for Android, search for “Selfridges”, and follow the prompts to install.

  1. How can I contact Selfridges customer service?

Wish to establish contact with Selfridges? The “Contact Us” or “Customer Service” section on their website provides the necessary information. Whether one prefers a phone call, email, or online contact form, every modality is catered to. However, the specific contact details might vary depending on one's location and the nature of assistance required.

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